Call for Essays

New call for essays at Metode
Deadline 14 August 2023

This open call for experimental essays begins with a film. Quoted above is the queer, disabled, London-based artist Abi Palmer in the film “On Being and Bathing” (2021), made in collaboration with Anna Ulrikke Andersen. Looking at Abi’s bathroom and her inflatable bathtub, the film asks how she navigates the spaces she inhabits, uncovering what it might mean to want to become more fluid – or more like water.

Using the film as a point of departure, this open call asks participants to tackle related themes through their own artistic, academic, or architectural research practice.

What else can we find if we go beyond – beyond conventions of bodies and buildings, and research thereof?

The call invites scholars and practitioners to watch the film and then to go beyond: to pick up on an idea, a theme, a feeling, or a sensation to delve into in their own unique way. We welcome all forms of artistic research, alongside more traditional formats of written text: historical or theoretical.

We seek experimental essays that are intellectually rigorous, visually compelling, and methodologically innovative. We encourage a consolidated research framework driven by cocreation, in which theorists and practitioners closely collaborate in the conceptualization, writing process, and visual experimentation.

Read more at Metode. Deadline 14 August.

Still and video from “On Being and Bathing” (2021) by Abi Palmer and Anna Ulrikke Andersen.