ACAN Norway puts reuse on the map

Wednesday, September 27, 2023
6:00 PM

Welcome to a debate and launch party for the Resource Map!

The path to increased reuse in the construction industry can feel challenging to navigate. How can our network of dedicated reuse actors exert political influence that accelerates the transition to reuse?

Current practices in the construction industry involve significant extraction of raw materials, contributing to a substantial carbon footprint. The journey towards more reuse in construction can seem long and difficult to navigate. To promote more reuse in the construction industry, we have created a Resource Map, which compiles Norway's reuse projects, organizations, material suppliers, and consultants into a digital interactive map. The goal of the Resource Map is to enhance knowledge about reuse, create an open platform that fosters a stronger network and more collaboration within the construction industry, and increase levels of reuse, recycling, and circular economy practices. We aim to gather Norway's reuse network to achieve greater political impact and accelerate the reuse transition in Norway's construction sector. Therefore, we invite you to the launch party of the Resource Map and a debate to discuss the way forward, barriers hindering the reuse transition, and collaborative solutions.

View the map here

Here you can explore the information we've gathered, including projects, materials, consultants, and organizations mapped so far. The 'N' in "ACAN" stands for "Network," and we strongly believe in strength through unity! We look forward to expanding and strengthening our Network together!

Debate panelists are

Fredrik Haukland Flom, Mustad eiendom

Noora Khezri, Mad

Lasse Kilvær, Resirqel

Krister Moen, Omtre


Tina Lam

What is the Reuse Campaign

ACAN - Norway is a network of volunteers collaborating to accelerate the reuse transition. The Reuse Campaign has three goals:

  1. Building the Reuse Community Network Establishing a Resource Map, a digital interactive map gathering stakeholders in the construction industry focusing on reuse, recycling, and circular economy.
  2. Sharing Knowledge and Development The Resource Map aims to make it easier for architects, engineers, contractors, developers, and others to find reference projects and partners, fostering greater knowledge and enthusiasm to implement more reuse projects.
  3. Political Influence We aim to utilize the Resource Map and the reuse network to achieve greater political influence by proposing changes to national and municipal regulations, Building Regulations (TEK), and collaborating with research communities to facilitate more reuse projects.

About ACAN

ACAN Norway ACAN Norway believes the construction industry needs a unified expertise in climate and environmental matters to influence and drive climate-friendly development. ACAN (Architects Climate Action Network) was initiated in London in 2019 by architects seeking systematic change in the industry. This volunteer organization has three main objectives: decarbonize the construction industry, establish new frameworks for ecological environment preservation and regeneration, and support the cultural transformation necessary to achieve the first two goals. ACAN Norway works towards these objectives through political lobbying, public campaigns, as well as knowledge sharing and development