Metode volume #2

Welcome to the launch of Metode vol. 2 “Being, Bathing and Beyond” on Thursday, January 25th, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at ROM.

Stills from On Being and Bathing (2021) by Abi Palmer and Anna Ulrikke Andersen

The announcement of an Open Call was launched in May 2023, commencing with a film featuring the queer, disabled artist Abi Palmer, based in London, in the film “On Being and Bathing“ (2021). The film is created in collaboration with Anna Ulrikke Andersen. Using the film as a starting point, participants explore the critical and creative potential of the disabled body through their own artistic, academic, or architectural research practices.

Metode vol. 2 “Being, Bathing and Beyond” comprises 8 exploratory essays written by Jeremy Sharma, David Turner, Júlia Ayerbe, Pauline Shongov, Jakub Węgrzynowicz, Emma Nilsson, and Lutz Kopenick. Through three intensive, open peer-reviewed digital workshops, the contributions have been developed, tested, and discussed, fostering a shared interest in bodies, disability, housing, art, film, architecture, gardening, historiography, and politics, which can be personal, experimental, and thought-provoking, both in form and content.

Metode vol. 2 does not provide a complete picture of what it means to bathe today but offers glimpses of realities and experiences lived and felt in different countries and contexts. The themes addressed relate to social relationships, marginalization, discrimination, climate change, sorrow, joy, pain, and pleasure, past and present.

If you do not have the opportunity to join physically, you can join through stream