Modular Poetry Printing

In this performance artist and poet Steven J. Fowler meets letterpress printer and designer Ane Thon Knutsen to create a weird interview.

This performance is part of the artistic research project 'Formskifter' which looks at changes in publishing past, present, and future from a graphic design and illustration perspective. The research project unites the entire staff in graphic design and illustration at The Oslo National Academy of The Arts and is supported by The Norwegian Program for Artistic Research.

The event will last for the duration of 2 hours using a tabletop proofing press and a custom-made modular set of moveable type designed by Stefan Ellmer/The Pyte Foundry.

Steven J. Fowler is a writer, poet, and performer who lives in London. His work explores an expansive idea of poetry and literature - the textual, visual, asemic, concrete, sonic, collaborative, performative, improvised, and curatorial - through 50 publications, 200 performances in over 40 countries, 4 large scale event programs, numerous commissions, collaborations and more. His work has been commissioned by The National Gallery, Tate Modern, BBC Radio 3, Somerset House, Tate Britain, London Sinfonietta, Southbank Centre, National Centre for Writing, National Poetry Library, Science Museum and Liverpool Biennial. He’s been translated into 29 languages and produced collaborations with over 200 writers and artists. Since 2010, he has organised nearly 700 public events. As of summer 2023, he has published ten collections of poetry, seven of visual poetry, six of collaborative poetry, selected essays and two volumes of selected collaborations, as well as a novella.

Ane Thon Knutsen (1984) is a Norwegian artist and designer working as a letterpress printer in the expanded field. Knutsen works multidisciplinary at the intersection between graphic design, art, research and dissemination. She exhibits, presents and teaches internationally, and her works often take form as installations and artist books. Knutsen has a special interest in self-taught women on the distaff side of print history. In 2019 Knutsen defended her PhD on Virginia Woolf's work as a typesetter and self-publisher and how this had an underestimated impact on Woolf’s practice as a writer. She owns and works from her private letterpress studio in Oslo. Knutsen is an associate professor in graphic design at the Oslo Academy of the Arts where she is working on the collaborative artistic research project  Formskifter, looking into Nancy Cunard's practice as a letterpress printer and publisher.