UKE 35

Seminars and talks
September 1st - 2nd, 2023

Uke 35 has evolved over the years as a consistent platform where we invite the audience to engage in enriching discussions about art and architecture. In 2023, we aim to develop this into an annual platform allowing us to delve deep into important topics.

Welcome to Uke 35, a two-day pilot academic festival for you passionate about art, architecture, urban development, and public spaces. This year's program focuses on the concept of diversity, highlighting representation and power distribution. The festival addresses key questions related to inclusion and challenging norms, while expanding perspectives on design and architecture beyond conventional boundaries.

Over two days, we will combine academic depth with social interaction, creating an inclusive festival that resonates with future decision-makers.

Uke 35: 2023


Friday September 1st: will explore expanded perspectives on design and architecture beyond traditional gender norms. This day draws inspiration from our collaboration with Exutoire and Nogoods, two projects exploring dissenting public spaces. We will invite experts to share insightful perspectives on how design and architecture can be more inclusive.
Read more about the event Making Public Utopias.

Saturday September 2nd: will focus on inclusion and sustainability. We will challenge established norms by introducing the concept of disability within art, architecture, design, urban development, and public spaces. The objective is to explore alternative approaches and broaden the horizons of artistic processes.
Read more about the event Failing to make it better.

Diversity is a crucial factor in creating a representative and inclusive societal structure. Across various fields, diversity has been emphasized as an essential component of education and community development. Through the festival, we aim to contribute to realizing these goals by facilitating conversations that challenge and enrich our understanding of inclusion and norms. We view disabilities as a source of innovative perspectives in design and architecture. Through this, we aspire to shape a more inclusive and diverse future for everyone.